A Libertarian Socialist Platform

Like most anarchists around the world I consider myself a libertarian socialist, but what is libertarian socialism?

Libertarian socialism is the seemingly radical yet shockingly old idea of providing the basic necessities of life for free for all people under direct democratic control coordinated within a delegative confederalist framework:

Universally guaranteed basic income, healthcare, child care, education-for-life, healthy food, clean water, and housing.

Public policy with all elected officials under strict control of the people via national ballot initiatives that guarantee unconditionally that the above basic needs of all are met while eliminating monetary transactions from everyday life as organized by publicly audited hand-read paper ballots discussed, debated, written & re-written in local & regional telenetworked conventions organized by popular voting, reducing politicians to mere advisors to their constituencies; abolition of the electoral college; and an executive branch without a president, organized horizontally with locally and regionally elected mandate-bound officials, who can be instantly recalled by popular vote at any time, with powers given to them purely as dictated by regularly scheduled surveying of the public’s wishes, shifting from a “representative” to a liquid (direct+delegative) form of democracy.

Bringing democracy to the workplace with democratically owned worker-managed cooperatives, associations, and credit unions instead of corporations and banks.

Anarchism is not against collective, democratic management of resources, rather it is against the propping up of a select group of people to impose their own policy decisions on everyone else. That is what we call “the state” which we wish to abolish and replace with directly democratic confederations of communities and workplaces. Right now in America “representatives” are chosen between two privately financed parties who are then free to enact any policies they or their donors wish, regardless of how much their constituents may oppose them. That is NOT democracy, it’s plutocracy with the illusion of choice.

We demand an organized world of anarchy without rulers other than the people!

Liberty Equality Solidarity

How do we get there?

By Educating, Agitating, and Organizing Each Other

Let's put our “representatives” under the continually intensifying pressure they need to get universal healthcare and all other necessities secured for all, and push on ourselves to take back the power that should be ours.

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Anarchy is order, capitalism is chaos